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Herring: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

April 05, 2007

Fishermen’s Voice
April 2007
By Laurie Schrieber

The Fishermen’s Forum held an all day meeting that was entitled the “Future of Herring In The Gulf of Maine.” Scientists presented their findings and opinions first. The harvesters operating mid-water trawlers in the Gulf of Maine (GOM), then presented their comments and opinions during most of the morning and afternoon sessions. In the afternoon, fishermen in the audience of about 150 people, stood to give their views and opinions of the future of herring in the Gulf of Maine.

The scientists said they thought the fishery has been generally healthy. But, at the same time, the “model” they use to interpret the data they gather, in order to evaluate the health of the herring fishery, “over estimates biomass
(the amount of herring) and under estimates predation.”

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