CHOIR: Coalition for the Atlantic Herring Fishery's Orderly, Informed, and Responsible Long-Term Development


View the Herring Midwater Trawlers in Action

Pair trawlers towing through tuna fleet on Georges

Pair midwater trawlers, net is strung between the two vessels

Pair trawlers, seperating, one boat will know pump the fish aboard

Pair trawlers towing past whale watching vessel

Pair trawler pumping fish aboard using vacuum pumps

Midwater trawl vessel pumping fish into their fishhold

Midwater trawler pumping fish aboard

Pair trawlers, getting ready to tow the net

Midwater trawler towing net towards humpback whale

Whiting bycatch, discarded by midwater trawler

165 foot midwater trawler

Midwater Trawler

Pair Trawlers, one holding each end of the net

Pair trawlers towing towards tuna boats

4 sets of pair midwater trawlers (8 boats) towing through the same area

9 midwater trawlers fishing the same area, later in the day (8 pair trawlers, 1 single)

Midwater trawler towing off Maine coast

Midwater trawler

Midwater trawler

Midwater trawler, working on net

Midwater trawler, net hanging off stern. Polyballs hanging off port side
for coming together with sister pair trawl vessel

Same midwater trawler. Note the vacuum pumps and transport system for
herring. Fish are sucked out of the net into the hold.

Jeffrey’s Ledge,Midwater trawler, pumping fish aboard

150’ Pair trawlers towing off Cape Ann, MA

Same two trawlers fishing off Cape Ann, MA

Trawler unloading, fish are being pumped out of the vessel using large

Fish being pumped from boat into holding tank

Two pair trawlers headed by Cape Ann towards Gloucester Harbor

Wheelhouse of midwater trawler

Pair trawlers, net is stretched between the two vessels

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